High Rope Course Nock Mountains Innerkrems

…. an extraordinary event for young and old!

A leisure opportunity for the whole family is waiting for you in the high rope course Nock Mountains at Innerkrems. Highest safety standards and trained instructors guarantee an untroubled experience of more than 50 stations in the high rope course. Varying courses at different levels at heights between 6 and 88 feet promise the perfect adrenalin rush for everyone!

Extra Highlights:

2 Flying Fox (= zip lines), each 900 feet long
Kids’ adventure park (from the age of 4 years on)
Hands-on experience
and much more…

We suggest ca. 3 hours for you stay and are looking forward to your visit!

Element 1

Different courses are waiting for you!

P1 green – Training Parcours
number of stations: 5 | age: 6 years | min. body size: 110cm | height: 3m

P2 blue – Nocki Parcours
number of stations: 20 | age: 6 years | min. body size: 110cm | height: 3 – 7m

P3 red – Adventure Parcours
number of stations: 13 | age: 8 years | min. body size: 130cm | height: 3 – 12m

P4 black – Eagle Parcours
number of stations: 10 | age: 8 years | min. body size: 130cm | height: 4 – 12m

P6 blue – 300m Flying-Fox (=zip line) Parcours
number of stations: 4 | age: 8 years | min. body size: 110cm | height: 3 – 25m

High Rope Course INFO

The high rope course is an outdoor facility but is safe to walk on in almost any weather. Normal rain does not affect the safety! However, it will be closed in thunderstorms, strong wind, hail and heavy rainfall. We are very responsible-minded, as far as safety is concerned our instructors are well trained and experienced and the installations at the high rope course undergo a yearly technical inspection by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Fun for the whole family, from may to october!

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