Climbing and Via Ferrate

A vertical adventure in the valley of falling waters!

Climbing seems to be an innate human activity – trees and rocks are just two among the many targets. Discover one of the most beautiful via ferrate in the Eastern Alps, and get as close as 20 meters to the 200-meter high “Fallbach” waterfall. Meet this natural spectacle up close!

Whether you are an adventurous explorer or rather among the folks preferring a more relaxed excursion – the guided tour on the “Fallbach” via ferrate has something for everyone. With several stages, both beginners and experienced climbers can explore the valley of falling waters.

Absolute beginners, adults and children, can take their first steps on a trial tour in secured surroundings. Once a passion for this sport has been discovered, there are a number of training possibilities to become an expert in climbing!


We are looking forward to your visit, wishing you an exciting day!

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