Kölnbrein Dam and Malta Hockalmstrasse

A winding and breathtakingly beautiful road!

At an altitude of 1.933 meters is Austria’s highest reservoir dam – the Kölnbrein wall. Already the journey up there is a little adventure: a ride on the 14,4 kilometer long Malta Hochalmstrasse with all its tunnels and turns. The numerous waterfalls along the road have given the “valley of falling waters” its name. Particularly impressive are the “Malteiner Wasserspiele” – the Malta watergames. There the water cascades over several terraces down the rocks and finally falls into its base, the  incredibly beautiful “Blaue Tümpfe”. The road is characterized by tunnels hewn out of the rocks and by its sharp bends that guarantee great pleasure for both car drivers and motorcycle riders. At the narrowest points, two traffic lights ensure the safety of our visitors. You can park your car at the end of the road and explore the other attractions on foot.

Adventures on two and four wheels

The Malta Hochalmstrasse is one of the dream roads in the Alps – especially for bikers. Its impressive routing leads into a fascinating mountain world. The annual blessing of motorcycles has become one of the main attractions of the biking season. There are also quite a number of offers for adventure seekers.

The region offers countless possibilities to make your trip or holiday as eventful as possible. Bungy jumping at the Kölnbreinsperre is one of the highlights among them.

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