Kulturkino Gmünd

 “A movie theatre with cuddling factor, far off the mainstream”

The arthouse cinema at Gmünd is part of the platform Kulturinitiative Gmünd, offering – in cooperation with EU XXL and a number of sponsors – a selection of culturally significant films in the historic ambience of Gmünd’s old parsonage, bringing back the feel of movie theaters long gone by. Enthusiasts enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere with its rows of wooden folding seats; they celebrate the special experience of a repertory cinema (there are only 2 left in Upper Carinthia) in the impressive square-shaped building of the parsonage.

Movies shows are from March to May and from September to December.

Booking in advance is advisable. Tel.: 0043 (0)4732 2215 14

We are looking forward to your visit, wishing you a lot of fun at this special cinematic event!

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Weitere Informationen zu Programm und Spielzeiten des Kulturkinos Gmünd: