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Lake Millstatt – Carinthia’s gem

Lake Millstatt


Lake Millstatt. Where mountains and lake meet and blend into unique panoramic views. Lake Millstatt presents itself in the light of the south, surrounded by the gentle tops of the Nock Mountains. The gently stroking water and the caressing upwind provide a very special micro climate – perfect for an enjoyable active holiday around Lake Millstatt. A swim in the crystal-clear, up to 27 centigrade warm, mineral-rich water is a pleasure for all your senses. And the mountains provide hikers with optimal conditions for an unforgettable experience of nature.


Lake Millstatt See has the ideal places for spending precious one-on-one time together. Where lake and mountains meet there are magnificent viewpoints and hidden little heavens, perfect to be enjoyed with a partner. Being together alone means timeout from everyday life and the chance to share with your partner the most precious gift we have: time together. While viewoints like Granattor on the Millstatt Alp or the Balcony of Stars at the foot of the Mirnock presents the view to the distance, the south bank of the lake offers a certain wilderness and unspoilt nature with its hidden coves where nobody disturbs the happiness you find together – or the deceleration when hiking the Slow Trails.

Slowing down between the lake and the mountains

The new Slow Trails offer a deceleration program to clear your head, inspiring thus your mind and soul by providing a sustainable serenity. The new way of walking stands for “slow motion” as opposed to “high speed” and allows relaxed hiking by mindful use of the countryside as well as yourself. As far as techniques and level of difficulty are concerned, they are easy to walk and lead to particularly scenic places by the lakeside.

One of the Slow Trails near Lake Millstatt has a long tradition as a trail with an unusual history. The little 3,6km trip through the mystic Mirnock moor, according to the legend home of the Mirnock giant and his tragic love story with a fisherman’s daughter, ends on the top of Mirnock Mountain. For generations the locals have been drawn up the mountain, to breath-taking views and romantic sunsets, to spend precious time together.

Also the second tour, Slow Trail Zwergsee, is close to the point where lake and mountains meet. It leads through shady chestnut and pinewood forests.  In the middle of the wood a forest stage offers an outstanding view on the art nouveau villas along the lakeshore.



Delights at Lake Millstatt

Exploring the countryside with the help of a gentle tailwind, whether to culinary hotspots on pleasurable routes by the lakeside or on challenging MTB trails to the summits, cycling with an extra is a delight for both pleasure-seekers and mountain bikers. Numerous beach bars and terraces invite to a cozy gathering by the lake. The scenic lake tour discloses the most beautiful places on the southern lakeshore to E-Biker.

A bivouac under the stars: “Rifugio sotto le stelle.”

The time à deux becomes perfect with an accommodation for the night, an ideal retreat for couples where everything is reduced to the essential – amidst nature and with a clear view to the stars above. Whether on the beach, where the waves of Lake Millstatt come ashore, in the opulent green of a wood clearing or high up on a sweet-smelling alpine pasture – at particular places around the lake bivouacs invite you to leave the daily routine behind and give moments of happiness as a gift to your partner. Mobile phones, keys and calendars are left in a locker at the entry to ensure an undisturbed time à deux.


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