Donnerschlucht: The Treasure of the Thunder Gorge

….roam the magic worlds and find the treasure!

The Donnerschlucht with its waterfalls and picturesque woodlands provides the perfect setting for this adventurous treasure hunt. The quest begins at the tiny Dwarf’s Lake, where the treasure rises after a successful journey! Get the treasure map and the cool treasure hunter’s outfit at the dwarf’s cabin and jump right into the tales of the Königsstuhl, of knaves, dwarfs and dragons. Roam the four magic worlds to find the treasure in the lake!

By the Dwarf’s Lake you find a kiosk, a cosy place to rest, a rock for climbing, souvenirs and a little playground to let a wonderful adventure come to a relaxing end. There you can also get further information and tips for excursions and tours in the surrounding.

Become a treasure hunter in the Thunder Gorge!


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Become a treasure hunter in the Thunder Gorge

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