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Sled Dogs at Innerkrems

Sled Dogs at Innerkrems

The Nockberge Longtrail aka Innerkrems is regarded with good reason as Austria’s most challenging dog sledding and is, at the same time, its last remaining Longtrail.

The race is set against the magnificent backdrop of the Carinthian Nock Mountains and offers an incredible view, once you have made your way up to the mountaintops. Which is not an easy task: No less than 3 peaks have to be climbed, a total ascent of 4500 meters in altitude on an overall length of ca. 90 kilometers.

In 2019 Europe’s best mushers will be hosted at Innerkrems for the 24rd time. Together with their best friends, the Siberian Huskies, the Alaskan Malamutes, the Greenland dogs and the Samoyeds – the actual super stars of any dog sledding – they will master ca. 30 kilometers and 1000 meters in altitude each day


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Mastering the distance with the heavy bivouac stuff on the sled is an enormous challenge for the dogs as well as the mushers. Not forgetting the difficult downhills that got quite a number of contestants into a sweat. For more than 20 years now men and dogs have made their way through the Innerkrems and this has given rise to a number of legends. We recommend to everybody interested in participating in this challenging to show up with well-trained dogs and start the race according to the motto “just do it.”