A fascinating world off the prepared pistes

Beginners and advanced safe en route!

Our ski and mountain guides will show you the fascinating world off the prepared pistes. We teach you basic knowledge about equipment, tour planning, safety equipment and the matter of snow. For safety in the terrain is from the time you leave the groomed slope, the subject. With more knowledge, there are also more possibilities. The goal in these courses is to make your ski tours and freeride tours safer.

Element 1

Learn to go on ski tours


Fr 04.01. – So 06.01.2019
Fr 25.01. – So 27.01.2019
Fr 08.03. – So 10.03.2019

each 3 days a € 280,- per person


Individual dates on demand


Unberührte Wildnis erleben


  • Guided ski tour course with state certified ski and mountain guides.
  • Organisation of course and rental possibilities
  • Skitouren-Skipass included (1 mountain ride);
  • Security backpack rental included  (shovel, probe + avalanche transceiver);
  • 50% discount on ski rental (touring ski + ski skins).

Ideal for beginners & advanced skiers and free-riders.
From 3 – 7 participants per guide. Prerequisite: safe skiing on blue pistes.
Required material: touring ski, helmet und alpine safety equipment.
Exklusive ski pass and accommodation.

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