Ski tours Nock Mountains

Innerkrems: the center of ski tours

Ski tours, ski crossings, taster tours, gourmet ski tours in the gentle mountains of the wintry Nockberge! A modern ski touring rental is at your disposal and competent ski & mountain guides, Nockberge guides accompany you from the beginnertour to the experienced ski crossing on the Nockberge Trail.


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Learn ski touring

Even non-skilled skiers can easily learn ski touring. The ski touring center in Innerkrems offers many opportunities to safely and easily learn the fascination of pleasure ski tours. You are welcome to try ski touring on the weekly taster tour – you will be amazed!


Experience untouched wilderness

Ski touring center – Sport Schiffer, Ski school Innerkrems!


Beginner tour up to 2h, touring ski rental included

Daytour 3-5h
Full moon tour 2-3h
Avalanche workshop up to 2 h

Guided Skit tours 2 times a week: – Info Sport Schiffer!



INCLUDED: Safety backpack rental (schovel, probe & avalance transceiver),
50% Discount on ski rental (Touring ski + ski skins), from 4 to 7 participants.

Find more details, courses and equipment tips here: