Trail of Skiing Legends

The hiking and skiing region Innerkrems is at the starting point of the scenic Nockalm Road, in the heart of the Nock Mountains. The ideal conditions found there have led to the launch of the Alpine Leistungszentrum Innerkrems (alpine center for high-performance sport). The facilities have been adapted to the demands of modern ski-racing – the ski slopes have been extended, i.e. there are slopes for training and competitive runs, a training lift and an indoor sports center as the perfect training ground for the world’s best ski runners.

Reason enough to install the “Trail of Skiing Legends” in the popular hiking area. At different stages, hikers learn about famous Austrian skiing-stars and the relevance of this very area to them.

Element 1

Quite a number of professional skiers come from originally simple mountain villages, which have turned into winter sport resorts with any imaginable comfort. In spite of this, the villages have kept their charm – and what is called Gemütlichkeit in English: the joy of sitting together and celebrating life.

In Innerkrems lies the path of the skiing legend which is easy to walk in both summer and winter. This theme trail has been constructed in honor of famous alpine skiers and can be experienced on a leisurely walk. The snow-sure Nockberge hosts year after year numerous World Cup teams and here the best of the best were immortalized on larch wood.